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Freelance Writers Den is the premier online resource for writers looking to launch and build lucrative freelance writing careers.

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To sum up, the Den is the best value in online learning for freelance writers! Whether you need to learn better-paying types of writing or to hone your marketing chops, the Den has the training you need.

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Carol TiceLongtime six-figure freelance writer and Make a Living Writing blog founder Carol Tice created the Den in 2011. The Den is the ultimate fulfillment of her mission to help as many writers as possible quickly learn how to earn more from their craft. Carol says, “I’m thrilled to have helped nearly 12,000 writers grow their income in the Den, over the years.”

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Meet the key players that toil behind the scenes. It takes more than a half dozen people to make sure the Den runs smoothly.

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  • $700 Article—for my dream pub!

    – Lisa Baker
  • Got my first REAL client!

    – Sam Sinha
  • Made it into the top US magazine!

    – Williesha Morris, Tuscaloosa, AL

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