Need a mentor? Talk to a pro.

There’s one way to save yourself a lot of wasted time and effort — work a proven coaching program with an
experienced freelance writer and coach. I’ve helped thousands of writers earn more through my community
site, and can share best practices on what really works today. Over the years, I’ve developed several proven
mentoring programs with 1-on-1 coaching included, for freelance writers and bloggers. Choose the program
that works for you.

Just getting started?

When newbies come to me for coaching, I
recommend they first join the Den. You’ll have access
to 24/7 forums where you can ask questions of pro
writers and editors. Stop wondering about ‘how it’s
done’ and find out!

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Trying to level up?

This focused six-month program provides a proven
Road Map to doubling your income for mid level
writers. You’ll work in a small group of up to 25
writers at a similar point in their careers, and support
each others’ efforts.

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About my mentorship style

Many years ago, I began coaching friends informally, giving them tips and advice
about how they could grow their income. I was amazed when some of my mentees
soon were writing for better-paying national markets than I was! I love seeing others
ignite their writing careers and become successful freelancers.

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Why I don’t do one-on-one mentoring

  • Meeting with a coach 1-on-1, just you and an experienced mentor, is not nearly as
    effective OR affordable as coaching that takes place within a peer group. Period. I’ve
    been coaching for about 7 years now, and the success rate with coaching within a
    mastermind is far better.

  • Lots of coaches are still happy to take your money for 1-on-1 sessions… but the track
    record of my mastermind groups speaks for itself.

  • I want my coaching to get RESULTS, and mastermind coaching seems to be what does
    it for freelance writers and bloggers. So that’s what I do.

Learn how one Den 2X
member tripled her income
in 1 year!

Paragraph about how you can also learn what you
need to succeed from Den 2x.

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How Else Can I Get Coaching?

With my Blog Review help you can get:

  • BOTH of my Small Blog, Big Income e-books and their accompanying workbooks

  • An initial 30-minute video review (you can be present or not, your choice)

  • A month of email followup for your questions

  • A 15-minute second video review once you’ve made changes

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What are you waiting for?

If you want in on the best value in support and learning for freelance writers, sign up
now for the Freelance Writers Den waiting list. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • From $400 a month–to 6 Figures!

    – Kat Tretina
  • $1-a-word client off the Den job board!

    – Mitch Bossart, Minneapolis, MN