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Due to the economic crisis around COVID-19, we've thrown open the Den doors for a special free week. Freelance Writers Den is the best value in education and support for writers looking to build a thriving freelance career quickly. Claim your one-week free, all-access pass to this online writing community.

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1-Week Free: Limited Time: Join 1,200 writers and learn how to launch or grow a freelance writing business! - Freelance Writers Den: A Writing Community

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Take a virtual tour of the Freelance Writers Den online writing community. Learn more about our member benefits that can help you build writing skills, confidence and income while staying connected to peers and experts.

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Members explain how the Freelance Writers Den has helped them accomplish their goals with an active 24/7 support forum, exclusive job board, accountability partners, and more than 300 hours of useful trainings on writing, marketing and more.

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  • $700 Article—for my dream pub!

    – Lisa Baker
  • Got my first REAL client!

    – Sam Sinha
  • Made it into the top US magazine!

    – Williesha Morris, Tuscaloosa, AL

What does it cost?

After your free week is up, Freelance Writers Den membership is $25 a month. The charge is month-to-month and there’s no ongoing obligation. You’re free to end your membership at any time. Right now, Den membership is over 1,200 members — no need to try pricing that proposal by yourself! Tap into the wealth of knowledge in our membership of working writers.

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When this special, free-week offer ends on April 17, the Den doors will close. We're usually only open for a brief time in July and December. If you need to help from pros and information you can trust to guide you to find better clients, a better income, and a great freelance lifestyle, join the Den now.

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How active is our community?

We’re busy! With over 80,000 forum posts since the Den opened in 2011 — over 10,000 of those questions have been answered by the Den founder herself — Carol Tice! We have more than a dozen moderators on our team to steer you to the resources you need, including experienced editors who provide valuable feedback.

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